Server Rules

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Server Rules

Post by Silvabakrev on 23rd October 2014, 1:12 pm

Subject to change without notice:

Server Rules

The server rules will be kept to a minimum as this is a war game where anything might happen, however the following rules must be abided by at all times when on the FURY ROAD server:

1. Any players found hacking will be banned without notice. This includes other players 'knowingly' playing with / or hanging around hackers or turning a blind eye to any hackers.

2. Any players found eploiting obvious game faults to their favour may be suspended form the server for a period determined by server admins or they may find themselves banned without notice.

3. Player found using racsist, sexist or other offensive language in game (either by test chat or voip) may be banned form the server without notice.

4. Players 'griefing' other players by intentionally and vindictavely may be suspended form the server for a period determined by server admins or they may find themselves banned without notice. It is a tough game but there is no need for childish griefing behaviour. This includes intentional team killing!

5. Player names of Admin or Administrator or similar, or generic names like User are not permitted, such players may be kicked from the server without notice. Likewise player names that consist of only non letter characters are not permitted, get yourself a name identity please.

6. Hovering high in the clouds in a gunship rocketing other players from long distance for long periods is not permitted as we feel it is not in the spirit of the game (almost fits into the griefing category), get into the battle! Same applies to camping and long distance mortaring the map, the odd battle is fine but camping for ages just ruins other players gameplay.

7. Global chat (voice) is not permitted except in the case of approved events or by server admins.

8. Respect the server Admins. Fail to do this at your own risk!

9. No combat logging permitted!

10. Players are not allowed to be voted in as a temporary-admin other than for the purpose of resetting the server where it is buggy.


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